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Wall mounted dehumidifier

Item No.: LAS5-DW
A high capacity dehumidifier with high moisture extraction for low energy use, an idea solution for dehumidifying your pool hall, wall-mounted for flexible installation.
LASWIM wall-mounted dehumidification heat pump is one of the world's leading new high-tech swimming pool dehumidification equipment. It adopts advanced heat pump technology to suck the humid air in the swimming pool into the unit, and then re-sends it to the swimming pool through the low temperature dehumidification and constant temperature heating of the air. The above process is continuously cycled, and finally achieves the purpose of dehumidification in the swimming pool. It effectively solves the problems of condensation and decoration corrosion of indoor swimming pool walls, and provides a comfortable swimming environment for swimmers.

1. Ultra-low noise fan combined with advanced air-guide technology low noise operation.
2. Classic design appearance in white color is elegant and generous.
3. With a newly designed controller, the operation is simple and humanized.
4. High moisture extraction but low power consumption.
5. Many options for flexible installation.

6. International brand compressor, stable performance, durable and strong dehumidification effect.
  • Indoor pools
  • Therapy pools
  • Health clubs and wellness centers
  • Hotels and spa pools
  • Holiday parks and campsites
Technical parameters:

Model no. LAS5-DW LAS6-DW LAS8-DW LAS12-DW
Dehumidification capacity (kg/h) 5.2 6.3 8.4 12.2
Application () 130-180 150-190 190-240 350-500
Power supply 220V/1N/50Hz or 380V/3N/50Hz
Power input (W) 2100 2600 3400 4900
temperature ()
Air flow (m³/h) 1600 1900 2400 3600
Drainage method Hose connection for continuous drainage
Condensate drainage outlet DN20 DN20 DN20 DN20
Dimension L (mm) 1100 1100 1260 1260
H (mm) 345 345 345 345
W (mm) 950 950 950 950
Weight (kg) 45 48 66 78