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Wall-hung filtration unit-AYT25Y

Item No.: WL-AYT25Y
-Made of acryl
-very easy to install
-Contains filtration, circulation,disinfection, drainage and lighting.
Description Specification
The housing is made of high quality acryl, the unit is easy for installation and assembling all the items of filtration, circulation, disinfections, drainage and lighting in one compact unit.

It is also equipped with multifunctional jets which not only make the pool water circulate, but also have the function of swmming training, massage and fun in water.
Flow rate: 25m3/h

Clear away any debris from the installation area, and make a datum mark before installation.

Place the unit in a proper position zccording to the installation detail drawing. Adjust the unit with alevel to make sure the tolerance is less than 2mm. Use the filter pieces to pack the unit level ,fix the packing pieces, then fill in the vacant area with grout.

Connect draignpipe and cable pipe an shown in the installation detail drawing. The control box must be dampproofed.Electrical installation and testing must be done by a licensed  or certified electrician.

Fill the joint between the unit and pool wall with grout when installing, and seal it with sealant.

After installation,fill with sand around the unit bodr. Spead stones on the side of pool to match the pool  structure, record the installation notes.