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Top Mount Plastic Sand Filter

Item No.: P-DG Series
LASWIM plastic sand filters are using the lastest pool filter technology and molded of tough, durable, environmental plastic material. These filters are corrosion-proof, user-friendly and have longer life time. Its easy-to-use multiport valve.
-Made of high density polyethylene material, corrosive, safe and environmental
-Unitized thermal plastic filter tank tough, durable and suitable for many different weather condition.
-Easy-to-use multiport valve lets you select any of the valve/filter operation with a simple lever-action.
-Clamp lock is designed to allow 360 degree rotation to simplify installation.
-Compact and save space.
- These sand filters are applicable in all types of pool, SPA, fountain and aquarium.
Main parts:
Easy-to-use six -position valve makes the selection of the valve/filter simple.
Filter(Normal filteration and vacuuming).
Backwash(Clean filter by reversing the flow).
Rinse(Used after backwash to flush dirt from valve).
Waste(By-passes filter ,used for vacuuming to wash or lowering water level).
Recirculate(By-passes filter for circulation water to pool).
Unitized and durable tank.
Special drainage design, to easy draining of the tank, easy to maintain and ice-free in winter.
Model Pipe Size(inches) Filter Area(m2) Design Flow(m3/h) 0.5-0.8mm Sand Weight(kg) Tank  Volume(m3) Valve Volume(m3) Tank Weight(kg) Valve Weight(kg)
P-DG350 1.5 0.10 4.50 25 0.06 0.02 4.0 3
P-DG400 1.5 0.13 6.50 34 0.09 0.02 5.0 3
P-DG450 1.5 0.16 8.00 50 0.15 0.02 6.5 3
P-DG500 1.5 0.23 11.50 80 0.20 0.02 9.2 3
P-DG650 1.5 0.32 16.00 160 0.32 0.02 12.1 3
P-DG700 1.5 0.40 20.00 220 0.42 0.02 17.0 3