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Silent -Low Ambient Heat Pump

Item No.: LAS10-DG
Laswim low temperature silent horizontal airflow heat pump is specially designed for the cold area where the ambient temperature is above -15℃.
Up and down structure, the fan is separated from compressor, utilizes various mute measures.
The fan blade is made by die-casting aluminum, with smooth surface, good mechanical properties, strong corrosion resistance and low noise.
Uses hermetic compressor, with sound absorbent cotton installed around, to ensure that the compressor sound can be fully absorbed without external transmission.
Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A, high efficient and no pollution.
High COP up to 5.2 under standard heating condition (ambient temperature 20℃, inlet water temperature 26℃) and 3.9 under low temperature heating condition (ambient temperature 7℃, inlet water temperature 26℃).
Uses American Copeland EVI (enhanced vapor injection) scroll compressor, environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A, with high efficiency, low noise and vibration, strong heating capacity and wide range of use.

Endless swimming pool
Other small applications.