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Low temperature V type condenser air cooled heat pump

Item No.: LAS85-KP-V
Laswim V type condenser heat pump is specially designed for area where the ambient temperature is above -15℃, including 3 series: swimming pool series, hot spring series and hot water series.


  • Premium materials and components, providing great stability, high efficiency and long life time;
  • Easy for installation and can be installed outside or in a plant room.
  • Safe and reliable, the electricity does not heat the pool directly, it is completely separated from the water, greatly improving the safety of swimmers and employees.
  • High efficiency and energy saving. The unit requires only a small amount of electricity can be converted into 3-4 times of heat to the water, high energy conversion rate, significant savings in operating costs.
  • Anti-corrosion and durable, excellent anti-corrosion galvanized steel sheet panel and PVC + titanium heat exchanger, ensure the main components in contact with the swimming pool can effectively resist the erosion of chloride ion in water.
  • Intelligent control, temperature control system of heat pump can accurately monitor the water temperature, keep the water temperature close to the set temperature, to achieve the purpose of constant temperature.
  • Multiple and careful protection to ensure safety and long life time.


  • Indoor or outdoor pools
  • Water parks
  • Hotel pools
  • Holiday parks and campsites
  • SPA
  • Hot spring
  • Hotel, hospital and etc. where hot water is needed.