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FCP Series Pumps

Item No.: WL-FCP
"FCP" series heavy duty pump build to cater commercial usage (e.g Large-size swimming pool,water feature, etc). Cast iron body with easy to clean large strainer basket. Range from 5.5HP to 15HP, suitable for heavy-duty commercial usage (e.g. Large size sw
Description Specification

·Anti-rust crust can stop water penetrating the engine.
·Enough power, high head, big flux and high efficient circulation.
·Smaller noise and run quietly.
·The pump cover bears high airtight preventing the leaking.
·Convenient to handle, easy to maintain, with the supplying of spare parts.


·Pump housing: Cast iron
·Pre-filter basket: SS304
·Shaft: SS304
·Impeller: SS304


·Motor speed: 1450RMP
·Waterproof: IP55
·Insulation class: F

FCP Series pumps product dimension and specification

Pump performance